Reunited with DAISY

As a jewellery designer it is always a pleasure to see your creations again. Especially when they are being worn and loved by their owners. I had just such an experience this weekend; I was reunited with Daisy. I designed this ring several years ago, not as a commissioned piece but because I had a loose pink sapphire that deserved a home. The gem was very pretty with a lovely pink colour and when the flower idea came to mind I thought it was quite fitting. Anyhow, Daisy didn't stay in the store for too long, the combination of pink sapphire centre, pave diamond flower petals and a combination white and rose gold setting were rather fetching. She quickly caught the eye of one of my regular customers. Several visits and a hint-drop-to-hubby later she was gone to her new home. This past weekend I ran into the lovely lady who fell in love with Daisy and was thrilled to see her wearing the ring. She was kind enough to let me take a few creative shots. Here's Daisy in all her glory.

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