I was commissioned to design this one of a kind platinum ring to serve as a two-in-one engagement ring & wedding band combo. It is inspired by our FORMA Organic Ring which my client and his betrothed discovered on my website.

The entire process took place via email because my client was stationed in Afghanistan. We discussed a number of ways of incorporating emeralds but I recommended that one larger emerald would make the most impact and work nicely with the proportions of the band. I sketched a new design that would house a marquise cut emerald but one that was still in keeping with the organic concept that initially attracted my clients. Once the design was approved, I sourced the perfect emerald (what a lovely choice for a May wedding by the way) and the result is a comfortable yet striking one of a kind ring that is sure to catch everyone's eye.

Design renders for custom ring

Design renders for custom ring

Custom jewellery: organic design platinum ring with marquise emerald