Our #HamOnt Wedding

My husband Andy and I recently celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary.  I relived the day by going through our wedding photos and it got me thinking about how great our experience had been. Our wedding was local and I'm happy to say the businesses we relied on to fulfill all of our wedding needs were as well.  As an owner of an independent Hamilton jewellery store, I know first hand how much a local business relies on community support so it occurred to me to share with you a bit of our big day and highlight some of the fantastic Hamilton wedding vendors we were lucky enough to deal with.

Contact info for all the vendors mentioned will be at the bottom of the post should you like to see more of their work or contact them for your own wedding or special event.


Since the photos you'll be looking at were taken by her, I will begin with our Hamilton wedding photographer: the lovely and talented Kathy DeMerchant.  I came across Kathy's website during our search for a photographer and fell in love with her style. Her photos are polished and have an editorial vibe but I felt there was also artistic flare to her style as well as a natural and unforced quality. Her compositions really appealed to me.  She was also extremely pleasant to deal with. Her gentle and laid back demeanor helped make us feel relaxed which I think came through in the photos. Kathy put together a gorgeous coffee table book for us that is a permanent fixture in our living room. We were extremely happy with the final results and to this day receive many compliments on our wedding photos.


Ceremony and photos: Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG)

I always loved going to the RBG so it was my first thought for wedding photos but when we found out we could have the ceremony there as well we were thrilled. We had been looking to simplify our day and eliminate too much driving between venues so it worked out great. The staff at RBG were fantastic and made sure everything flowed well for the ceremony. As for the rest, I think the photos speak for themselves. We are so lucky to have such gorgeous gardens right under our noses.

Wedding Reception: Liuna Station

I cannot say enough good things about Liuna. We were absolutely blown away by their service and quality. Not only is it an aesthetically lovely venue with heritage value but the staff really went above and beyond. With a plethora of European family backgrounds to please, food quality (and quantity) was one of our top priorities and oh boy did Liuna deliver! From the spectacular Supreme antipasto bar through to dessert and eventually the midnight buffet, every course was impeccably prepared and presented. Our friends and family still bring up the food at our wedding so we know it was memorable.

Honourable mention goes to the Ancaster Mill where my bridal shower was held. Yet another local venue that exceeded expectations. The Ancaster Mill served up spectacular food, exceptional service and a wonderful atmosphere making my day extra special.

And now for some of the accoutrements of the day:


Our wedding flowers were done by Westdale Florist.  I went to Rosanna with a very general concept. She made excellent suggestions and put together lovely floral arrangements that reflected our taste and style. Her pricing was reasonable and her service timely and courteous. You can see her work below.


Wedding cake by Weil’s of Westdale Bakery. Weil’s master cake maker, Josephine, created a delectable confectionery that was delicious as it was pretty. Our jewellery store was located across from Weil's Bakery in Westdale Hamilton for many years which meant we had consumed A LOT of their pastries and treats but our wedding cake, with a variety of layers, fillings, ganache and buttery icing, really took the cake! 


My wedding dress was an ivory, raw silk Paloma Blanca. I liked it because it was pretty but understated and light as a feather making it super comfortable to wear. I also appreciated that Paloma Blanca is a Canadian company that designs and makes their dresses  in Toronto!  Sadly, the boutique where I purchased the gown has since closed.


This one shouldn’t come as a surprise.  I might have hand a small hand in the wedding rings and bridal jewellery. Jewellery and photo: Zoran Designs Jewellery

custom engagement rings and wedding bands hamilton ontario

custom engagement rings and wedding bands hamilton ontario

And there you have our #HamOnt wedding. As a pretty laid back bride and groom, our aim was to keep things fairly simple so as not to get bogged down and stressed over too many details. I admit I had not given much thought to a wedding theme or styling until the decisions had to be made. I didn't have a wedding planning journal or inspiration magazine clippings (this was before Pinterest) but with the help of some wonderful local wedding vendors, we ended up with a show stopping wedding day from start to finish. Local and fabulous in Hamilton Ontario!


Wedding photographer: Kathy DeMerchant Photography http://kathydemerchant.com

Wedding Ceremony & Photos Venue: Royal Botanical Gardents (RBG) http://www.rbg.ca

Wedding Reception Venue: Liuna Station http://www.liunastation.com

Bridal Shower Venue: Ancaster Mill http://ancastermill.ca

Wedding Flowers: Westdale Florist http://www.westdaleflorists.ca

Wedding Cake: Weil's of Westdale Bakery http://www.weilsbakery.com

Wedding Gown: Paloma Blanca http://palomablanca.com

Wedding Rings & Bridal Jewellery: Zoran Designs Jewellery http://zorandesigns.com


Try out our signature drink, the Goombay Smash. We fell in love with this tropical concoction while vacationing in the Bahamas and decided to make it our wedding signature drink.  Although there are various recipes our version is simply coconut rum, regular rum, pineapple juice, and a splash of orange juice. We just wing the proportions to our liking depending on how boozy we want it. Great for hot summer days and BBQ parties so give it a try!