Custom Made Jewellery and Engagement Rings

We recently worked on some really beautiful bespoke engagement rings and meaningful custom jewellery projects. Have a gander and click on the links for a more in depth story on how each came to be. 

Custom made jewellery and engagement rings by Zoran Designs

Custom made jewellery and engagement rings by Zoran Designs

Looking to buy a Serbian Cross?

Our collection of Serbian jewellery includes a number of styles and sizes of the Serbian cross, Serbian coat of arms (Serbian crest) pendants as well as some ring designs with the Serbian two-headed eagle design. Most of the items are available in 14K yellow or white gold as well as sterling silver. 18K gold is available by special order.

We maintain stock of our Serbian crosses and crest pendants while the Serbian rings are made-to-order in your required size. 

And just like all of the jewellery that we make and sell, our Serbian crosses and jewellery reflect top quality and craftsmanship. 

Serbian Jewellery and Crosses

Serbian Jewellery and Crosses

We our proud to serve our local GTA community including Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto, St. Catharines, and Niagara. Shipping is free within Canada for purchases over $150 and we readily ship to the USA, UK, Australia, Austria, Germany, and some other EU countries.  If you try to make a purchase through our online shop and do not see your country as an option please contact us. 

Follow this link to view our Serbian cross and eagle jewellery. 

Follow this link to shop Serbian crosses and jewellery online. 


The Beauty of Filigree Jewellery

There’s no denying the beauty of delicate and detailed filigree jewellery. This ancient form of metal work has been around for thousands of years and has been found in jewellery dating back to Mesopotamia! Filigree involves twisting, curling and plaiting fine threads of metal (usually silver or gold). The result is intricate and lovely.If you’re a fan of filigree you’ll love our new arrivals. Drop by to have a look at these beautiful filigree earrings in sterling silver.

silver filigree jewellery earrings
silver filigree jewellery earrings


INTRODUCING VALENTE New at Zoran Designs: a gorgeous jewellery collection that features stunning designs in sterling silver that has been white/black rhodium plated or yellow/rose gold plated and set with cubic zirconia (CZ).  Valente is an affordable collection made to look like high-end diamond jewellery.  Styles range from classic to contemporary and the jewellery is perfect for evening wear, special occasion and as wedding / bridal accessories.  Prices start at just $38!

If the price point and loveliness of the collection isn’t enough, we will also be donating 15% of proceeds from each piece sold during all of November & December to a fabulous local children’s charity: CityKidz. Whether it’s a dazzling addition to your jewellery wardrobe or a beautiful gift for someone on your holiday shopping list, it will go towards a good cause!

Here are some pieces from the collection. Prices are listed once you click on the image!  Which strikes your fancy?